Our Story

In a booming health and fitness industry that generates billions of dollars annually in the US, it’s disheartening to see a decline in the population’s overall wellness. We understand the overwhelming and discouraging nature of conflicting information, fear-based marketing, and complicated nutrition and fitness advice. That’s why we’re here to make a positive difference. 

Our founder, Amelia, embarked on her own journey over 10 years ago to address her nutritional needs and gut health issues. After countless attempts with diets, products, and programs, she decided to tune into her body’s unique responses to food first and foremost. This shift in perspective finally brought her lasting progress with both her physical and mental health, and inspired her to create the Gut Feelings food journal. 

At Gut Feelings, our mission is to provide a powerful tool for improving the connection between your mind and body. By incorporating mindfulness journaling and food tracking, our food journal offers invaluable insights into your physical responses to food, your emotional well-being, and the impact of your mental state on your eating habits. With this knowledge, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions about your personal wellness, leading you towards feeling your best, both inside and out.