Starting your Gut Feelings Journey

Here's our guide to get you started with Gut Feelings.

Each journal begins with a starting point check-in page and instruction pages about how to use the trackers, weekly pages, and daily pages.

Trust your gut.

Your gut knows what it loves. Gut Feelings Journal helps you learn how to listen to your gut, and to make better food and lifestyle choices. Using Gut Feelings, you'll:

  • Track what you eat and how you feel.
  • Reflect on your relationship with food through mindfulness journal prompts.
  • Make food tracking a restorative, insightful practice that you won't want to stop.

Plan your meals.

When you know what you're eating, and plan ahead by shopping and meal prepping, you are more likely to stick to your original plan.

  • Make your food ahead of time so your meals are convenient and approved by your gut!
  • Get creative, and eat foods your body loves.
  • Pay attention to what your gut loves, and keep those foods in your list of staple recipes!

Plan your life.

Each week includes space for you to include your plans and schedule. You'll also have space to center yourself and prep your mindset for the week. You'll list your goals, intentions, and your thoughts & feelings.

Check in each day.

Each morning, you'll center yourself by answering a few check-in questions and then getting started on your mindfulness journal prompt. You'll write about your:

  • Mindset
  • Energy level
  • Gratitude
  • Intentions for the day

Track food thoughtfully.

You'll have an open-ended space to record the time of day, what you eat and drink, your BMs and reactions, as well as how you're feeling throughout the day.

At the end of each day, check off your Daily Actions to sum up how the day went.

Track symptoms and more.

The beginning of the journal includes space to plan your goals, a blank calendar, and pages designed for you to track your habits, symptoms, medication and supplements across the 42 days.

Complete weekly activities.

Each week you'll find two additional activity pages for you to use throughout your journey.

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